These are my random trains of thought. None of it will have any association to the former point.

  • Sometimes my sense of humor is so whacked that I end up offending shitloads of people without knowing it. Then there are times when I have foot-in-mouth moments where I go ‘wtf did I say that?’ seconds after I said it. And of course, there are times when I regret saying stuff because I probably said too much.
  • I don’t think I have it in me to keep my emotions to myself? If I’m happy, you know I’m happy; if I’m sad, you know I’m sad. Yeah I am a fucking open book, and it’s so damn pathetic. No wonder I suck at poker.
  • I saw this news article about how Katy Perry had her press conference in the middle of a pool and all the reporters who wanted to ask her questions had to be in the water (or else she won’t answer). LOLOL! What a good method. Perhaps people like Angelina Jolie, Leo D and all can hold all their press conferences in the middle of a crocodile pit and reporters have to brave the infested waters if they want to ask them stuff.
  • I watched Mythbusters on Youtube yesterday and there was this episode where they submerged cockroaches in water for half an hour. After that they took them disgusting evil creatures out, poked and prodded them, and it looked as if the cockroaches were dead. So they left the cockroaches in the lab, headed home… and the next day when they came back, ALL THE COCKROACHES WERE ALIVE! Sneaky little bastards and evil immortal spawn of the earth. PS: I’m still convinced they are aliens.