Every time I puke or have a massive hangover from too much alcohol, I tell myself that’s the last time I’m going to drink.

Then of course, the next drinking night comes around…


These are my random trains of thought. None of it will have any association to the former point.

  • Sometimes my sense of humor is so whacked that I end up offending shitloads of people without knowing it. Then there are times when I have foot-in-mouth moments where I go ‘wtf did I say that?’ seconds after I said it. And of course, there are times when I regret saying stuff because I probably said too much.
  • I don’t think I have it in me to keep my emotions to myself? If I’m happy, you know I’m happy; if I’m sad, you know I’m sad. Yeah I am a fucking open book, and it’s so damn pathetic. No wonder I suck at poker.
  • I saw this news article about how Katy Perry had her press conference in the middle of a pool and all the reporters who wanted to ask her questions had to be in the water (or else she won’t answer). LOLOL! What a good method. Perhaps people like Angelina Jolie, Leo D and all can hold all their press conferences in the middle of a crocodile pit and reporters have to brave the infested waters if they want to ask them stuff.
  • I watched Mythbusters on Youtube yesterday and there was this episode where they submerged cockroaches in water for half an hour. After that they took them disgusting evil creatures out, poked and prodded them, and it looked as if the cockroaches were dead. So they left the cockroaches in the lab, headed home… and the next day when they came back, ALL THE COCKROACHES WERE ALIVE! Sneaky little bastards and evil immortal spawn of the earth. PS: I’m still convinced they are aliens.

drink up my homies

Tonight was a good night; hung out with my friends at a hidden-location pub at Pasir Panjang Village; got piss-drunk and played awesome drinking games, where I always got stuck at “ssss-eighteen”, and it was all good because it was good company and good alcohol and chips. Good times, good times.

As Eminem would have put it…

When I think about all the plans I have for the future and all my previous blunders and all the people that I hope to prove wrong, Eminem’s song comes to mind. As he put it so eloquently:

Success is my only motherfucking option, failure’s not.

Of course, I know that my circumstances aren’t as bad as his in the ghetto. But only motherfucking option indeed.

So Ally, buck up.

Video editing

It’s nearly 4 am and I’m still awake, helping my current Campaigners with their video for Project Reach. Now waiting for it to upload on Youtube.

Been doing a lot of editing recently, both for work and outside of it. There’s something about video editing that is oddly riveting, from seeing a coherent and complete story emerge from just bits and pierces of raw footage. Most of video editing is a thankless, uninteresting job; tediously moving from frame to frame to find the best position to cut a shot. But when the footage, cuts and music comes together in one beautiful combination, the satisfaction is just indescribable.

Of course, Murphy’s law emerges in its worst form when it comes to video editing. From software problems to codec problems, audio problems, loudness levels, mono/stereo confusion, memory problem, cut problems, jump cuts, unimpressive footage, corrupted footage…. everything that can go wrong, will go wrong in video editing.

Flash flood

Watched Inception with Jillian, Jen, Benson and Abner on Friday. After the movie all of us were just basically raving about how awesome the movie was and how mindfucking it was. Hehhhh.

Memento, The Dark Knight, and now Inception… Christopher Nolan is a friggin’ genius and I think he is seriously not capable of making a bad film at all. Inception was a headtrip… deep, thought-provoking, and emotional.

But more about Inception in another post. I want to talk about the flash flood we were in after the movie. Hahahaa.

So what happened was that we headed to Thomson after the movie; where the old Wendy’s was located. It was kind of like TEP days; we sat around and talked cock for a while before heading to eat prata. Halfway through, a storm broke and it was crazy.

When going to the car, we had to get across an unsheltered road, and just that brief sprint soaked us to the bone. Hair, clothes and all. The storm was that bad. When I was driving Abner and Darren back, the car was going through knee-deep floodwater, and water splashed up majorly on either side of the car. Visibility was fucking bad; I had my high beam on, and we could barely see 1 metre beyond the hood. And rain was penting down so heavily that even with my windscreen wiper on at the highest speed, I still couldn’t see much outside the window. It honestly didn’t feel like I was travelling on a Singapore road.

And it was exciting like hell. 😀

Thank god for better drainage at AMK and Hougang; the storm was still bad but at least there wasn’t any flooding.