I had a strong compulsion to return to Coney Island for a while– to see the rides at Luna Park at dusk, to walk along the boardwalk during sunset. There was something about the neon lights and bright rides that invoked in me a certain kind of longing, as if I had a fond childhood memory there I am trying to bring back to life. Except that I’ve only been to Coney Island as a tourist, in my adulthood, so I found this strong nostalgia out of place. 

If I were to analyse it, maybe this is one of the reasons: a day out in a wonderland like Coney Island signifies a celluloid-screen childhood outing, and maybe deep down inside I crave a picture-perfect wonderland experience with someone. Maybe that is what that longing actually is, and Coney Island just happened to fit into the spot between cultural influence and expectation. 

It’s funny, because I am someone who is used to my own company; and dare I say, assured in it, preferred it, that I hardly ever feel lonely. When I am with people, I feel that I have to be ‘on’, that I must engage, that I am constantly thinking and thinking. When I am alone, I do not leave impressions, there’s no observer, I’m in that quantum state of anonymity, and it is liberating. 

Yet there are days I do get lonely. And as I grow older, I find that those days occur more frequently. Sometimes I want to be amongst people, share experiences, share a joke, communicate. Yet even as I recognise these wants, there’s a part of me that thinks: this is a vulnerability. It is a Flaw to not be self reliant.

I guess the sum of it is that I am still very much an island, but I feel, I want, more visitors now.

Please enjoy these photos of Coney Island. I am very much an amateur photographer, so the light flares are horrid, do forgive any technical and artistic flaws.

[2016 throwback] I almost died!

And that’s not even hyperbole.

In Apr 2016, I made the stupidest decision of my life – I decided to climb up Mt Merapi, ALONE, so I jetted off to Yogya one weekend for the climb.

Almost 10pm in Yogya. Waiting for our guide and driver who will take us from the city to Selo, three hours away – the village base for almost all trekking trips up Merapi. 
Feeling quite nervous about the trek. The highest “mountain” I have ever climbed is Bukit Timah Hill and that’s like 165m. Mt Merapi is 2900+m, a whole new ball game altogether. 
But if I want to trek to Everest Base Camp eventually, I gotta start somewhere. 🙂 here goes nothing!

– My FB post before the climb
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[2015 throwback] Cambodia, again

[in 28 April 2015]

I hold a lot of love for Cambodia. Decided to return in 2015 to see the temples again, and attempt other activities I hadn’t had a chance to try back in 2011. Namely…

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Northern Ireland, despite its name and its location, is not part of Ireland at all. In fact, it is considered a region of United Kingdom.

That distinctiveness was quite evident to me when I stayed in Belfast after travelling from Galway. While I felt that Ireland was very much lush greenery and tall cliffs (and Guinnesses), Belfast felt more city-like, and there were certain parts of Belfast that reminded me of London.

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Galway City

When I decided to travel to Ireland, there were a million itineraries in my mind. Visit Skellig Michael, the monastic island that is known for being incredibly hard to travel to. Visit Killarney, the quaint town that is also the hometown of a certain Michael F. As I started planning, I realised it was impossible to visit all of these places during my short trip. But there was one city that I never even considered taking out – Galway, the cultural heart of Ireland.

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Dublin Days (Part 2)

I woke up at 5am the next day with a stiff and sore back. After the relentless walking in Dublin on my first day, I was determined not to make the same mistake again.

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