what i’ve been up to.




Several events have happened over the past few weeks, including my graduation, several weddings, and the beginning of my new lessons.

I’m gonna miss studying. It’s not that I am suddenly all gungho about exams and shit; I’m sure I will still complain bitterly and savagely if I ever had to take another exam or write another 2000word essay on the merits of negotiation and mediation in public relations, but I do miss the process of learning about new things.  That’s the geek in me. 🙂

Other random thoughts I have:


I am now thoroughly convinced that I have zero, zilch interest in clubbing anymore. I cannot honestly remember the last time I really really got wild and enjoyed myself in a club. It’s not because of the company – I have awesome friends and I can’t think of clubbing with anyone else.

I don’t know why. There’s something about the social scene at clubs that make me stiffen up and clam up and want to go to one corner and just down bourbon Coke all night and not dance. I feel fat and ugly and as if I have two left-feet and want to go home. Ok I shall shut up about my insecurities.

Anyway, so this discovery that I hate clubbing doesn’t go well with the fact that David Guetta is coming to ZoukOut! And yes I do want to see him spin in person despite my anti-club attitude.

Ah well. We see how things go. Maybe I’ll like clubbing suddenly.

Write write write

The first thing I did after I graduated (well, after the motar-board throwing and obligatory taking of photos and lamination of cert, of course) was to sign up for Nanowrimo. I’ve actually wanted to participate in this for a loonng time but November had always been a cursedly busy month for me in terms of exams. So now that I’ve graduated, I’m going to try it.

No, I don’t know whether I can meet the 50,000 word deadline. I also do not know what’s the quality of the writing that’s going to come out. But hopefully it will make me not proscasinate anymore.

Wish me luck?