Hahaa this is funny

Me: Have you heard of this song called Gloomy Sunday?

Brother: No.. why.

Me: It’s a scary song! It’s known as the Hungarian suicide song. It is said that many people committed suicide after listening to it.

Brother: Oh really?

Me: Ya! Wiki it. Oh wait, let me send you the link to the Wikipedia page.

Brother: So is it really sad?

Me: It sounds very depressing actually.

*sends to brother Wiki link via MSN, and continue reading Wikipedia*

Brother: *comes to my room* Oi, can you play the song? Is it really scary?

Me: Huh? Why don’t you play on your laptop?

Brother: Why don’t you play it on yours now?

Me: I don’t want to! I’m scared to get the song stuck in my head.

Brother: I don’t want to play it on my laptop either!

Me: Well I don’t want to listen to it! It’s scary!

Both of us are wimpy kids.