2 things.

2 things that made me very happy today:

– Finally got my hands on the Yellow Bastard.

– I completed Nanowrimo.

I am very, very contented. 🙂

It may not be the best thing I ever wrote, but it was done through sheer perseverance, and of that I am proud. Proud that I stood to my commitment and wrote every night; save for one night, proud that I ignored my inner editor telling me that I am writing crap and instead just type and type and type and type and type and type and type until my brain matter was fuckin’ leaking out of my ears.

Because writing every night for 26 days straight has instilled in me a habit of writing, something that is important to me to learn (but never got the hang of)

I have discovered trying to write 1667 words is like going against the tide when you are tired, cranky and just want to sleep instead of typing.

Yet it’s this dogged determination that allows people to write 50,000 words within a month. Every night counts.

I did it. Am happy. 🙂