Some post-mortem about Nanowrimo.

Found this through Howalt’s blog: Wordle, a word cloud generator that you could use to generate word clouds of just about anything. You could use it to see what are the most commonly used words in a blog, a website, etc… and in my case, I used it to see what are the words I used the most in my Nano draft:

As Howalt said: It’s a really good tool to see if your text overuses certain words. So hmm, in my draft there’s too much ‘looked’ and ‘eyes’ going on. And why does ‘back’ appear so often too?

So now you know I have a main character called Aylwin, and there’s a girl called Vanessa. Rowena is Aylwin’s sister, Merrill is Aylwin’s friend, Strommer is Vanessa’s uncle.

I wrote consciously, aware of the word count, and as a result my story ended almost perfectly with the word count, even though real novels are longer than 50,000 words normally. But my draft needs a lot, a lot of revising, and even rewriting, so I am hoping that eventually it will shape up to be more lengthy and coherent.