A non-CNY post in CNY week

A bottle of Hennessy, by the poolside, 3am in the morning. Bless and Nic and I were talking about whether we would rather be someone’s temp or home base. Are you a person’s escape? Or are you the ‘at-the-end-of-the-day-I’ll-still-return-to-you’ person?

Also, Tori Amo’s Sleeps with Butterflies is a perfectly apt song of this temp/home base struggle:

You say the word
You know I will find you
Or if you need some time
I don’t mind
I don’t hold on
To the tail of your kite
I’m not like the girls that you’ve known
But I believe I’m worth coming home to
Kiss away night
This girl only sleeps with butterflies
With butterflies
So go on and fly then boy