On inertia and the physics of stopping too long

Last year, back in November I completed Nanowrimo.

I remembered telling myself to take a break for one month, and get to editing the draft once the new year begins.

Well it’s March, almost April in fact, and I have not edited the draft at all.

Granted, work and real life came into the equation – and a couple of things cropped up which I could not have possibly foreseen. But still, these are excuses.

Nanowrimo was easier because all I had to do was to write without caring about the quality. But now that I am sitting down properly to edit it into a proper manuscript, I realised there are so many things to look out for, accuracy, details, convincing motivations and characters, compelling reasons. Would this reason really be enough to compel this character to do this? Is this plot idea plausible? Do people really do that? Is this how a species would behave? Is this what a prince would do? Is this really the way people talk back then? Is this analogy or metaphor too anarchic for the times, or too modern for the story?


So I am forcing myself to read up reference materials and background information. And I’m trying to edit. But I keep getting sidetracked.


I’m trying to get myself to blog more regularly as well to keep my habit of writing consistently. Truth be told I have a lot of entries I want to write, but it would involve researching and I am usually too lazy to do so.

Inertia. What a terrible concept. Once you stop, it’s so hard to start moving again.