Dum dee dum

Supposed to post once every week but this week I have been really busy and I haven’t done so.

So this is just to say that I had a really good weekend and my house now contains a black kitten that I am helping to foster at the moment. 🙂

I haven’t decided on a name for her yet but she’s lovely. Today I watch her stalk her ‘prey’ – a balled-up paper ball, shoelace and a cat toy – attack and kill it, and then bring it back to a dark corner to chew on it to her satisfaction. She is also very timid, and every time my mom/dad speak loudly she will scamper to the area underneath the washing machine. And she will emerge with more dust on her than the inside of a vacuum cleaner. But she’s getting better – just now she approached my dad when he was sweeping my room instead of running away to hide in a dark corner.

Photos soon!