I miss Cambodia already

Just came back yesterday from a long awaited trip to a country that I had always been very fascinated by.


I’ve always found Cambodia to be very intriguing. In my mind I kinda imagine it to be the Wild West of Asia. Anarchy, guns being sold openly… yet tempered with the humbling spectacle of the Angkor temples.

I also found it affecting that Cambodia went through one of the worst ever genocide in modern times (1970s period… that’s barely 40 years ago) under the Khmer Rogue. Where almost all the educated people in Cambodia were massacred, so even after the regime ended, Cambodia was unable to rebuild itself because everyone educated had been killed. 😦 It’s heartbreaking, what they went through.

During my trip I learnt that it’s no longer the wild place like it was back in the 1980s (where you can buy guns in the Russian Market apparently!). Yet it’s still amazing.

Am uploading photos to FB, but it will probably look like a bunch of rubble and ruins. Will do a blog post about my trip and stuff… soon! 🙂