Dublin Days (Part 1)

Just one month earlier I was in Ireland, in the Emerald Isle, and it was an amazing, scary, exhilarating, breathtaking experience. Scary in parts, because I was travelling alone, one lone Asian girl very very far away from home. Exhilarating, because Ireland is amazingly beautiful and breathtaking. And let’s not forget the numerous pubs, friendly Irish people, and (way too many) sheep!

I arrived in Dublin on the morning of 27 September. I couldn’t check in until noon, so decided to head to Trinity College and see the Book of Kells first.

Trinity College:

IrelandnLondon 071

It is a functioning college, so there were a lot of students milling about, going to classes, going to labs and so on.

IrelandnLondon 077

The entrance fee was 10 euros, but the person working there was super nice and gave me free entrance even before I spoke!

There was a short exhibition about other illuminated manuscripts, before we proceeded to a room with the actual manuscript. No photos as photography wasn’t allowed, but it’s a huge book, and the script of the text were very lavish.

Afterwards we proceeded to the Old Library:

IrelandnLondon 079

The Old Library was long, narrow, and housed so many ancient books! And those books were huge. Not sure whether it was my imagination, but the Old Library smelled a bit musty from the books. But books should smell.

IrelandnLondon 088

In Which I Walked… and Walked… and Walked… and Walked… and Walked… and Walked Some More.

I left Trinity College to get to my apartment. It was a very long walk. I hadn’t figured out Dublin’s bus system yet, and the lady from Dublin’s Tourism Office told me that my apartment was walking distance. Well, technically everything is walking distance I suppose. In my case I just had to walk for twenty minutes while lugging my suitcase over uneven cobblestones, hoping my luggage won’t burst open and spill my bras for all to see.

They have the same kind of traffic button as we do in Singapore!


I stayed with this lovely French couple in their apartment. My room was just right – a single bed with shelves, charging outlets and lamp. It may be a bit crowded for two people and their luggage, but since I was solo, I had plenty of room!

The couple left a welcome pack which includes towels, directions to places of interest – and chocolate!

I didn’t see my hosts much during my stay but when I did, they were really friendly and nice. They even set out a place on the dining table for me, with cereals and milk and other breakfast items. Unfortunately, I usually didn’t have time to eat breakfast. 😦

After putting down my luggage, I left the apartment to go to Jameson Distillery. Because hey! Alcohol!

As mentioned, I really found their bus system very hard to figure out. So I decided to walk to Jameson’s. There was a shorter route that would only take me 20 minutes, but due to a lack of 3G on my phone, I could not search the fastest route. Instead, I relied on the periodic tourist information signposts erected on every street junction, which tells you which direction to go for different tourist attractions. But the information posts can be a bit misleading and I ended up walking away from Jamesons, and towards attractions like Trinity College and the river.

After a tiring 40 minutes, I arrived at Jamesons.

Old Jameson Distillery

Entrance to the Distillery was by guided tour only. Unfortunately after I reached, I had to wait about one hour for the guided tours. So I headed to the bar and had a cocktail.

IrelandnLondon 095

My first drink (of many!) in Ireland!

IrelandnLondon 096

Storing the whiskey in wooden barrels.

IrelandnLondon 103

The darker the alcohol, the older it is. The amount of liquid also gets lesser due to evaporation… and the amount that evaporates is called the Angel’s Share because that’s the whiskey that goes to angels, supposedly.

IrelandnLondon 104

After the tour we had a free whiskey, and we were then released back into the light. I left Jameson Distillery satisfied and a little woozy.