Cliffs of Moher in Pictures



It was a rainy day! Storm clouds gathering over the sea.

IrelandnLondon 258

A lady playing the harp in the drizzle.

IrelandnLondon 251

Greyish because it was drizzling.

IrelandnLondon 253

Added this photo to show the scale of the cliffs compared to human beans (quite literally bean-size eh?).

IrelandnLondon 260

And that’s me near the cliff’s edge!


Part of me wanted to jump around becauseĀ I managed to overcome my fear of heights (and death) to go over the fenced area. The tour guide actually warned us against it, saying that unexpected wind squalls have been known to throw people off balance and off the cliffs. The winds were really quite strong too. I knew I was taking a HUGE risk, but it was so thrilling to be on the edge of the cliff.

Karst rock along the Burren.

IrelandnLondon 264

IrelandnLondon 271

And a castle to end off my trip.

IrelandnLondon 273