Connemara in Photos

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Peat bog – which is often used as fuel.

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Highlight of the day was visiting Kylemore Abbey.

Kylemore Abbey is set in a lush valley, surrounded by acres of vast forests and lakes. It’s immensely isolated, just a tad scary, but the house looks so fairytale-like and lovely.

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Can you believe that it used to be a boarding school? I can’t imagine going to school in such a wild yet beautiful environment – not to mention isolated.

It was very cold and windy.

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The view from Kylemore Abbey, overlooking the lake.

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Ordered too much food!

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On our way back, we passed by Ashford Castle. Now that is a place I would like to visit as well – but unfortunately, unless I was rolling in cash, that won’t happen! Ashford Castle is currently an incredibly pricey luxury hotel. But well, looking at the photos, that is to be expected…



[all two photos above from Ashford Hotel’s website]

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And that was Connemara all wrapped up. Honestly, though I got to see Kylemore Abbey – which I looked forward to – I felt I didn’t experience enough of Connemara. Everybody told me Connemara has to be experienced with driving – you get to experience small villages and hidden tracks that the tour buses won’t go. But the fact that I was alone, that Ireland favours manual cars (which I hadn’t driven in years), that I was completely unfamiliar with Ireland roads, stopped me from renting one. I really hope that if I return to Ireland one day, I’ll have a chance to drive through Connemara!

Next post would be, by far and large, my favourite part of Ireland – Inishmore, Aran Islands.