At the edge of the world

While I was on Inishmore – the largest of the three islands that make up Aran Islands – there were long stretches of time when I felt that I was the only person on the island. The roads were empty; the houses were silent with shuttered windows; and in the distance there were nothing but rugged rock and sharp stones.

A storm broke over Ireland the night before, so the weather was unbearably cold. My hands hurt from the biting cold while I was cycling down the landscape, and I had to constantly stop to warm them. Because I am super tough and impervious to cold temperatures, I didn’t bring gloves. I was thus bitchslapped by Inishmore’s legendary rugged temperatures.


Remember what I said about me seemingly being completely alone on the island? This is what I meant.

IrelandnLondon 369

IrelandnLondon 373

IrelandnLondon 377

Well, there were some wild raspberries along the way. I was so excited when I saw them.

Also two emo horses.


Onwards to Dun Aonghasa, the ancient stone fortress.

The ancient fort in the distance. You’d park your bike here and hike towards that stone fort.

IrelandnLondon 370

IrelandnLondon 372

IrelandnLondon 375

As I got closer to the top, the sound of crashing waves grew louder. Located at the edge of Ireland after a vast expense of ocean, there’s nothing to block huge waves from crashing onto the cliffs of Inishmore.

Finally reached the top.

IrelandnLondon 380

Getting right to the edge.

IrelandnLondon 386

I finally found civilisation when I went to their pub! Not surprising, this is Ireland after all.


Delicious seafood chowder – warm and comforting after the cold weather.


Lovely garlic butter mussels.


And a pretty white cat in search of warmth. She literally just walked up to me (or should I say, sauntered), meowed, and jumped onto my lap.


I wanted to explore Inishmore further. But my ferry was at 5pm and so, I headed back to the ferry station.

Irish people have a scandalous sense of humour.


Ended my day with the best fish and chips in Galway City.